water health is a young company, founded and owned by Eline Boelee. She is also the principal scientist, engaging capable local consultants in Belgium, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Morocco, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sri Lanka and elsewhere to complement her expertise.

 Eline Boelee (1966) is a strong analytical and strategic thinker with excellent writing skills.  She is particularly good at bringing together ideas from various stakeholders and experts, synthesizing these into coherent proposals or concrete outputs and mobilizing the necessary support to make these a reality.  Eline holds a PhD in water and health from Wageningen University and has twenty years of experience as international researcher and project manager in the interdisciplinary field of water, health and ecosystems, analysing problems and developing science-based solutions in water use & management, multiple use water services for agriculture and domestic uses, water storage, health impacts of water resources development, ecosystem services in agroecological landscapes, and ecology and environmental control of water-related diseases.  She has worked during 12 years at the International Water Management Institute, based in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia, and before that in Morocco for Leiden University. Dr Boelee has on-the-ground working experience in these three countries and Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Senegal, Egypt, Portugal and Côte d’Ivoire.  She led international multi-disciplinary projects on better planning and management of agricultural water resources development to enhance health and environmental sustainability, collaborating with local and international partners and coaching mixed teams of junior up to senior staff of varied backgrounds. Contact: e.boelee [at] waterhealth.nl

Jan Cools (1977) has more than 10 years of experience in multi-disciplinary river basin management, disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change. He has coordinated European-funded international projects in  Africa, the Middle East and Black Sea countries. Jan's background in both bio-engineering and anthropology and PhD in enviromental sciances from the University of Geneva enables him to work with numerical modelling, GIS, early warning systems, governance, stakeholder participation, vulnerability assessment and resilience, health impacts and socio-economic valuation. Jan Cools currently works as an associate scientific advisor at Milieu in Brussels, Belgium, but also has his own company Cool2Adapt.


how we work

water health is a registered company (SME) in the Netherlands (KvK 54454964) that actively develops its own assignments.  water health can also operate as full partner or sub-contractor in proposals or projects led by others and welcomes invitations to collaborate.


water health

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