health impacts of water resources development

Water resources development for hydropower or agriculture, intended for increased well-being,  may actually pose health risks.  Forced migration and crowding elsewhere, transmission of water-related diseases such as malaria and zoonotic epidemics such as avian flu are examples.  In many cases, these health risks can be prevented or mitigated and human health enhanced.  Integrated approaches such as One Health, looking at human, animal, and ecosystem health help to understand the complex interactions between people, their water use behavior, domestic and wild animals, and the natural, agricultural and human (such as cities) ecosystems around them.  water health combines trans-disciplinary science with local knowledge, often acquired trough participatory methods, into practical solutions such as environmental management of mosquito larvae.


water health participated in the second comparative Water & Health workshop, organised by the International Consortium for Comparative Water and Development Studies on 13 and 14 December 2012, at ZEF in Bonn, Germany


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