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Q Fever in Africa and Asia: a systematic literature review and mapping of disease - by Delia Grace, Pamela Ochungo and Eline Boelee

Interaction between canal water and groundwater in the Uda Walawe irrigation system: hydrochemistry and isotopes – by Mauro Prado, Kevin Hiscock, Lorraine Rajasooriyar, Eline Boelee

Climate change, water resource development and malaria in Ethiopia – by Eline Boelee, Matthew McCartney, Mekonnen Yohannes, Fitsum Hagos, Jonathan Lautze, Solomon Kibret

Improving health through Multiple Use water Services (MUS) – by Eline Boelee

Small scale irrigation and malaria in Ziway, Ethiopia – by Eline Boelee, Solomon Kibret, Beyene Petros, Yihenew Alemu